Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Getting out the invites

Hi everyone.

Connell and I are currently working on getting out all of your invites. I though I’d better update this page with some more information as well. I have added a link in the sidebar (I've always wanted to say that) to our Honeymoon Registry. Like it says your presence at our wedding is what we most want and we know that some of you are travelling quite a distance to help us celebrate and that’s what we really want.

But we have planed an awesome honeymoon in Fiji. We will be relaxing at a super luxurious resort on a lovely island that will provide us with many adventures, from walking through the rainforest to many waterfalls, through to snorkeling in the beautiful clear ocean and kayaking through the waves. It would be lovely if you could help to contribute to our first adventure as a married couple.

If you use the honeyfund website you don't actually pay any money to the website. All you are doing is telling us that is what you want to gift us. To use the website you choose the item, and the amounts of the items you want to give (e.g. you want to pay for us to have 3 cocktails) you click on the drop down menu and choose what ever multiple you like, you can also choose multiple items as well. You then hit "continue" down the bottom of the page and it will take you to the next screen that will tell you your gift selection and ask how you wish to pay for it. You can choose to pay for it via a cheque (sorry about the spelling on the site, its American) that you can post (or bring to the wedding), cash that you can bring along to the wedding, or you can contact us to find out my direct deposit details. you will then be prompted to enter in a couple of details so we know who has gifted us. You will have now reserved the gift and you can print out a certificate to add to your gift to let us know what you bought.

Please let one of us know if you need any further clarification on the process of the website.

Thank you.

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